GCSE - Tuition

GCSE -  Tuition (Year10-11)

  • English, Maths & Science Lessons
  • Past Papers (AQA, EDexcel & OCR Board)
  • Train to answer to get Good-Grades

GCSE-English Syllabus

We cater to individual student's school-program as different school prepare their students on diffent Novels/Literature.

  • Lessons are designed to target the Exam style questions & answers based upon individual student's course work.
  • Analysis: Novel, Literature & Poem



GCSE-Maths Syllabus

We aim to give our students Grade-9 level and strictly follow National-curriculum to cover the topics.

  • Complexed Algebrical Equation
  • Line Graph & Curve Graph
  • Pythagorean Problem & Trigonometry
  • Number Pattern, Sequences
  • Probability, Compound & Simple Interest Questions
  • Geometry: Shapes constructions, Angle properties
  • Practise Past Paper - AQA, EDEXCEL & OCR Exam Boards.
  • List is long......


GCSE-Science (Triple)

  1. We aim to equip our students with skills to score Grade A or A* (8 or 9).
  2. We aim to complete Unit-1 of all sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) by the end of Year9.
  3. We spend 1st term of Year-10 to revise and cement the topics of Unit-1.
  4. 2nd term onwards, we focus on Unit-2 of all science 3 science subjects.
  5. Geneally, by Christmas, we complete entire syllabus of GCSE Science for Year-11 students which helps students to focus onto their other subjects.
  6. We start practisng PAST-Papers in April.



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