11+ Exams

Preparing For 11+ Exams....

  • 2 Years program to prepare students.
  • 11+ English Syllabus
  • 11+ Maths Syllabus
  • Verbal Reasoning / Non Verbal Reasoning

11+ English Syllabus

We aim to give our students Grade-5 English skills by the end of Year-5 and strictly follow National-curriculum to cover following topics:

  • Grade-5 Comprehension Lesson
  • Grade-5 - Comprehensive Grammar Lesson
  • Objective "Short & Long" Story writing Lesson focusing on effective use of "Adjective, Adverb & Relative- Pronouns".
  • Vocabulary Building also known as Anagram

11+ Maths Syllabus

We aim to give our students Grade-6 level and strictly follow National-curriculum to cover following topics:

  • Integer - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division.
  • Integer - Place Value (upto 99999)
  • Percentage, Decimal Numbers, Angle Properties
  • Algebra, Ratio, Fraction-number, Mode, Median & Range
  • Unit Conversion, Time Clock & Word Problems
  • Enequaities, Shapes, Symmetry, Reflection & Reasoning
  • Square-root & Complex Word-Problem

Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning

  • We introduce extensive Vocabulary program to our students from Year-3.
  • Our students taste first time Verbal-reasoning questions in Year4 and practise over 10000 quesitons.
  • Year-5 students build their skill of Verbal-reasoning by practising over 20000 questions throughout the year.
  • We introduce Non-Verbal Reasoning when our students are in Year-6 which helps them in 11+ Exams scheuled in November/December.

11+ Mock Exams

We start training our students from April for better scoring in 11+ Exams.

  1. Mock Tests are introduced in the month of April. The results of 1st Mock Test are extremely important to plan for future lesson.
  2. Mock Exams are closely matched with Real-time exam.
  3. Our students go through 40+ mock Exams before they take their official 11+ Exams.

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