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We have carefully designed our tuition program for the age group 5 years to 16 years old children.

** ENGLISH Tuition**

Maths opens up the analytical skills to be able to make right choice...

** SCIENCE Tuition**

Training is important to get good Grades in exams for recognition of efforts...

It is important to have good command over language to better communicate....

** MATHS Tuition**

Science is another way to understand the fact about many things around us and enjoy it to full.....

** EXAMS **

About Bana Tutors

Established in 2004 by Mr Dev Parashar along with his wife Mrs Bobby Parashar, with a mission to empower children with knowledge and a Can-Do attitude by supporting them in Core subjects i.e. English, Maths & Science


  • Our Talented & Experienced Tutors apply structured approach to boost child's esteem.
  • Topic based targeted approach helps Students to absorb the lesson easily.
  • Well planned sttructured lesson enable students to reproduce the knowledge in response to Exam style questions and score desired Grades.

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